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Pet Food Recall April 25th 2017


  Darwin—aka Doc—was one of the chimpanzees at the animal training school I attended. He was the simian star inside the space suit on Battlestar Galactica and in many other TV episodes and motion pictures. Doc took such a liking to me that he was willing to get into trouble to come see me.  …

Angel Rescue

Angel Rescue   When I lived in North Hollywood, I owned a condominium in a 256 unit complex. One day I spotted a small, filthy, severely-matted black poodle wandering around. It looked frightened half to death, and was wary of humans, so I brought her indoors.   After shaving her down—which took hours, as matted…

Brooding Hen/Chicks

  This fall (2016) my sis and I had a brooding hen who would not abandon her (infertile) eggs. So when a new shipment of chicks came in at Wilco, I did a little research and discovered that some hens will adopt chicks.   Thinking I had the perfect candidate, we bought six chicks of…

Resurrected Nero

  When we lived in Cle Elum, my cat Bursties had five kittens, all males. I named them after famous usurpers: Mousie Tongue (Mao Tse Tung), Alexander, Genghis Cat, Napoleon BoneyParts, and Nero.   Of the five, Nero was the only long-haired, grey, Persian mix-looking one.  The others were black or black and white.  …

Goatally Devoted

  My first extended encounter with a goat was while I was in training at a wild animal training school. I was assigned a pygmy goat to teach behaviors to—which was a cinch because they are natural climbers and they respond to food rewards like nobody’s business.   Forty years later I bought two goats,…

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