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Broody Hen is Sitting on Eggs Again

One of my Wyandotte hens has gone broody AGAIN! None of the other hens are laying right now… But she has at least a dozen eggs underneath her. I’m buying eggs from the store while I allow her to honor her maternal instincts. I think she has been on them for at least three weeks…

Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel

Book Review: Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel by Carl Safina I read (this is a conservative estimate) at least forty full-length books a year…probably closer to a book (or more) per week.   Whenever I’m not writing for clients, writing blog posts, riding my bike, hanging with my goats or cats, or doing…

Leapin’ Leopards and Flying Tigers–The Adventure Continues!

I love my brain–especially when I’m asleep!   My dreams about big cats (last night it was leopards and tigers) are continuing, even as my daytime brain is observing and abhors the current crises facing our nation and the world thanks to our C.I.C. (Charlatan In Chief) and his racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, (and the…

Cougars in the Car-Pet! And One Other Dream

Cougars invading cars and dogs in plays visited me in my dreams last night.   I’ve had  critters on the brain, day and night, recently. With the air quality here in the Pacific Northwest for the past two weeks at “hazardous” levels because of fires in BC Canada and elsewhere, we’ve been advised to stay…

Much Appreciated!

Thank you to my awesome webmaster, Lisa Twining Taylor of Dancing Goat Web Design, for appending a “$3 hot chocolate” button.   Every click of the button at the side of each blog post will help bolster my anemic post-retirement income and offer further encouragement to me to keep writing these blogs for fellow animal…

In Memory of Animal Advocate and My Writing Mentor Ted Crail

Reprinted from   I just learned today that my friend and professional writing mentor Ted Crail passed away in April, 2014.   I tried to find him several times the past few years–including writing to his last-known email address and snail mail address in Kalispell MT. No response from him or his wife. That…

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