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Maligning Cats Chaps My Hide

Nothing chaps my hide quite the way maligning cats does–or any animal, actually.   The above article went viral on social media with lots of people agreeing with the claptrap reported within it.   When I posted online saying, “Nonsense! I have been around cats large and small, domesticated and captive wild, and…

As the Weather Turns Cold, I Feel Guilty

As the weather goes from autumnal to arctic, I can spend less and less time with my outdoor friends–my goats and chickens. So I start to feel guilty.   Every time I step out the back door, the goats call out to me and the chickens flock to the fence, expecting me to do what…

Cat Claw Clipping

I have a friend with a hefty-size tabby cat. His name is Buddy. I’m guessing he weighs eighteen pounds. (So he has 5 x 18 pounds of potential  wrestler in him, as compared to human muscles.)   For several years now, ever since he was a little guy, I’ve been clipping Buddy’s claws every few weeks…

These Cat’s Pajamas are the Cat’s Meow

Look what my “beast” friend Lisa Twining Taylor got for me as an early Christmas gift, so I could wear them between now and Christmas… She got me the ChrisMoose slippers last year for Christmas   “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”   I absolutely love…

The Prime of Miss Jane Broody

Alas and alack, my broody hen’s determination to hatch a clutch of eggs has all been for nought. She sat on them religiously for more than a month…well more than a month… So the day before yesterday, I finally put the eggs in water when she went for a quick stroll to eat some hen…

T’is the Season for BOOK LOVERS

Who are the book lovers on your holiday shopping list?   If they love animals, get them: Let No Day Dawn That the Animals Cannot Share Kindle (full color inside):…/…/ Paperback (black and white inside) Full Color PDF available ONLY at and/or Serval Son: Spots and Stripes Forever Kindle (full color inside):…

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