My Favorite Animal-Related Nonprofits 


When it comes to donating to worthy causes, it can be scary and risky. A lot of places just aren’t up to snuff.


Here, in alphabetical order, are four animal-related nonprofits that I can vouch for personally. I hope you’ll donate to them whenever you can.


Critter Camp  Exotic Pet Sanctuary 

Owned and operated by Beth Randall, Critter Camp takes in unwanted exotic pets and cares for them for the rest of their lives. Beth is a personal friend and she and her faithful corps of volunteers are as dedicated to critters as they come.


North Shore Animal League, Port Washington New York

This was one of Carolyn and DeForest Kelley’s favorite animal-related charities. (Shambala/The ROAR Foundation, listed below was the other one.) This is a no-kill shelter for relinquished cats and dogs. They adopt out pets to carefully-screened individuals and families.


Puget Sound Pet Food Bank

I know some of the volunteers of this group. They dedicate themselves to helping low-income people take good care of their pets by keeping donated pet food and other vital items available for them.


Shambala/The ROAR Foundation.  This organization houses its wild critters in huge pasture-like enclosures. I volunteered for them for years and my serval son Deaken stayed there for fifteen months while I was looking for a permanent position in Hollywood so I could bring him back home to live with me.  These are dedicated, hard-working people and the  money they get goes directly to the animals in their care.


Please send each of these something during the year. A small monthly donation of even $10 assures them of reliable/predictable operating capital so the animals in their charge can get the vet care, food and affection they need to lead happy, healthy lives.








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