Thank you to my awesome webmaster, Lisa Twining Taylor of Dancing Goat Web Design, for appending a "$3 hot chocolate" button.


Every click of the button at the side of each blog post will help bolster my anemic post-retirement income and offer further encouragement to me to keep writing these blogs for fellow animal lovers.


It also gives me a place to point the readers of my books to if they've already bought all of my titles and want to continue to support my writing career so I can add new titles to the list...


I hope you'll contribute once a month (more often if you can, less often if you can't; don't worry about it a bit if you're as cash-strapped as I am!).


If you don't want Paypal to have your credit card information, you can write me a check or send cash direct to me. Let me know if that's how you'd prefer to interact (my email address is krisATwordwhispererDOTnet) and I'll send you my snail mail address.


I made my living as a professional freelance copy and content writer for more than ten years, so I'm accustomed to being paid for writing. That's why I can document that I'm worth $3/month to anyone who has enjoyed/is enjoying the fruits of my labors here at Kris and Kritters and YellowBalloonPublications.com.


So here's your chance to buy me a hot chocolate. But here's the all-important disclaimer: I'm far more apt to buy my goats carrots or other treats with your $3 than I am to buy hot chocolate with it. That's just the way I roll. My critters needs (and many of their wants) come first; I make do with what's left over!


Recent Example: I just had a big trampoline donated for my goats to cavort on (and rest under, as it turns out!) but I had to buy the pads to make it safe for them to play on. The pads cost $60!


So yes, your contribution is just as likely to go to my goats' benefit--or my cats', or my chickens'--as it is to go to me.


But unless it comes in, it can't go out because my disposable income is so minuscule as to be non-existent some months...


So to say I appreciate you is a huge understatement!


Thank you for whatever you can contribute to "our" maintenance and upkeep...  (Purrs, bleats and cackles mirror my thanks in their native tongues!)


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  1. Paivi on August 11, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    You using your extra income for the benefit of animals brings to mind something I wondered a while ago.

    It costs 7 euros to visit the public swimming pool and that seems expensive. On the other hand, I have an old dog that has some trouble walking. She likes to swim but can’t always climb up from the river or other place she goes for a swim without help. I take her in a special swimming pool for dogs and that costs 35 euros. Not expensive att all!

    The animals always deserve more than their owners.

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