Need to cover your critters' sheds, or hay, or your own outdoor equipment? Get repurposed VINYL BANNERS!

Forget about tarps that fall apart every year.

Been there, done that!

In Colorado there's a great place called (and yes, I'm typing this just as they have it) repurposedMATERIALS.

They have water-resistant, weather-resistant obsolete vinyl signs with an ad on one side (the discontinued ad campaign) and black (occasionally white, but they can't ever guarantee white for you) on the other. They also can't tell you what kind of ad will be on your banner, since they arrive in bundles ready to ship out with the black (or white) sides out. Click on the link to see what I'm talking about.

Vinyl banners in a vast array of sizes are sturdy, purdy (hee hee hee) and wonderful for covering critter sheds, carports, barbecue equipment, outdoor woodpiles, a leaky roof--you name it!

I'm getting my new shed cover from repurposedMATERIALS. It shipped out on Friday and is scheduled to arrive this week. When I get it, I'll take pictures so you can see how it looks installed above my "goat barn".

My goat barn is an old carport frame. The covering that came with it is long gone--it only lasted a couple of years--so I've been replacing it with tarps regularly (like yearly) because I can't afford a heavy-duty canvas tarp. (One the size I need would cost hundreds of dollars.)

So when I saw the perfect-size covering for my shed (12' x 24') listed at $59.99 with free shipping from Colorado, I did a little research on vinyl banner durability and decided they are my ticket out of annual tarp purchases.

Repurposed vinyl banners are very thick, waterproof, reinforced internally against heavy damaging weather (including wind)--and did I mention how freaking affordable they are? Why yes, yes, I did!

Most other companies who sell these charge shipping fees, which can be a deal-breaker: it can cost almost as much to ship a vinyl banner as it does to buy one! (They aren't light!).

Some of these vinyl signs are so thick they're touted to last for decades. (No, I didn't get one that thick, I don't think--but I'm about to find out, aren't I?), but even if the one I bought lasts two years, I'll be money ahead.  The tarps I've been buying (the ones that last a year before they start leaking and falling apart) cost as much as these thicker vinyl signs (banners) do!

I'm really excited about discovering this place. They're repurposing all kinds of stuff that would otherwise wind up in landfills sooner. They're saving natural resources and repurposing man-made resources. That alone makes me want to do business with them whenever I see stuff they have that I need.  I'm not sure that ALL of their goods come with free shipping--check that out if you order anything else from them--but I know they're offering free shipping for repurposed vinyl banners, and I'm on board!

I hope this blog post saves you some money, too!

(No, I'm not being compensated for this endorsement. I'm totally happy to endorse without compensation when a product or service is great--and hey, I will never endorse a sub-par product or service, so you're safe with me.)

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