Once in a while I spot a title that raises a big red flag. It leaves me saying, right out loud, even when nobody else is around to hear it, "Seriously?!?"


That's what happened when I saw "The Girl with No Name: The Incredible Story of a Child Raised by Monkeys".


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I was immediately skeptical, but amenable to being convinced.


I just wasn't sure that being convinced was going to be easy. So before buying the book, I read reviews from earlier readers.


And as expected, there were a handful of naysayers:


"This has to be made up..."

"It's just too unbelievable to be true..."


But the vast majority of readers believe the story.


So I bought it...because if it was true, I knew it was going to be something that I would never forget.


And having just read it, and the afterword by the author's collaborator (the professional writer and editor who was mighty skeptical at first, too, until she actually met the subject and went through her adult daughter's meticulous notes), I believe it, too.


I believe it because of the detail. And because I know that many animals (domestic and wild) are a lot smarter and more insightful and helpful than most people give them credit for.


Dolphins have saved drowning swimmers.


Pets have saved their owners lives.


Critters know when an emergency exists, even when the emergency isn't happening to them or to their significant others. They're extremely tuned in to their surroundings... those who aren't don't survive very long.


So the contention that a troop of monkeys took pity on an abducted and subsequently-abandoned four year old child in a South American jungle and helped her survive for five or six years before she found her way back to our much ballyhooed "civilization" (where her life changed for the worse, incident after incident, for far too long) isn't unbelievable to me.


I just wanted proof. I wanted it documented.


And it is in this riveting, infuriating, ultimately victorious account.


You will never forget it. You will thrill at the magnificence of native animal intelligence and communication and you'll be spitting mad at the ways in which far too many morally-bankrupt humans use and abuse animals and other human beings whom they deem of "little intrinsic value"...


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