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Yellowstone Grizzlies Get Reprieve

By 3Kris7Kritters3 | July 18, 2020

Ecowatch has just announced that Yellowstone grizzlies will receive continued endangered species protection despite the efforts of the Trump administration to remove them from the list and allow them to be killed.   I’m immensely relieved to hear this, because today’s Yellowstone grizzlies are very likely the descendants of two grizzly bear cubs…

Anti-Boredom Ideas for Your Dogs

By KrisSmith | September 11, 2019

Is your dog suffering from boredom?   Jennifer with JenReviews read my blog post here about Ivan the Gorilla and realized we’re kindred spirits when it comes to wanting what’s best for our pets and other critters. She has given me permission to link to her site and one of her articles, but there are additional… and My Dream About Wild Animals

By 3Kris7Kritters3 | February 19, 2019

I was hired by to write a new ABOUT US page and a few blog posts about Wild Cats of the Americas.  When they’re published on the site, I’ll link to them so you can read them.   The project was a hoot and I enjoyed it tremendously.   That’s probably what led me…

Patchin’ Up a Pigeon

By KrisSmith | September 3, 2018

I’ve been patching up a pigeon whose tail feathers were yanked out and whose wing was injured by a cat.   It (I won’t say “he” or “she” because I don’t know its gender)  is just about ready to get airborne and fly free again. It is flapping both wings, going from branch to branch…

Animal Lovers and Losers

By KrisSmith | July 4, 2018

For seventeen years, I shared my life with an African serval cat named Deaken (‘Dea’ in honor of his mother Rhodesia’s nickname, and ‘ken’ in honor of his father’s full name, Kenya). One of the  most frequently-asked questions, when people discovered I had him, was, “What do people think when you walk him around on…

Duck Darlings

By KrisSmith | May 21, 2018

Personally, I haven’t seen such extended joy in my immediate surroundings since the goats were babies. I’ve been a duck dad for less than a week and already at least 50 people have been blessed by them. When I ‘m not taking them places for older ladies and their families and friends to delight in,…

Delightful Ducklings

By KrisSmith | May 17, 2018

Three days ago I bought three ducklings. Yeah, I know: I’m a pushover for baby animals. I haven’t had a duckling since I was a teenager (a long, long time ago!), and when I had that one, I wasn’t able to observe it the way I’ve been able to watch these three because it was…

Maligning Cats Chaps My Hide

By 3Kris7Kritters3 | March 1, 2018

Nothing chaps my hide quite the way maligning cats does–or any animal, actually.   The above article went viral on social media with lots of people agreeing with the claptrap reported within it.   When I posted online saying, “Nonsense! I have been around cats large and small, domesticated and captive wild, and…

As the Weather Turns Cold, I Feel Guilty

By KrisSmith | December 11, 2017

As the weather goes from autumnal to arctic, I can spend less and less time with my outdoor friends–my goats and chickens. So I start to feel guilty.   Every time I step out the back door, the goats call out to me and the chickens flock to the fence, expecting me to do what…

Cat Claw Clipping

By KrisSmith | November 25, 2017

I have a friend with a hefty-size tabby cat. His name is Buddy. I’m guessing he weighs eighteen pounds. (So he has 5 x 18 pounds of potential  wrestler in him, as compared to human muscles.)   For several years now, ever since he was a little guy, I’ve been clipping Buddy’s claws every few weeks…